Grey Old Day

Its a grey old day today, a day for snuggling in cashmere, drinking cups of tea and baking pear upside-down cake for a good friend’s birthday tea. Its been drizzling all day, the garden will be very happy. On the weekend we worked on installing our new (old) fire. its a little French multi-fuel enamel tower. I am looking forward to sitting by it in the evenings, it will be beautifully warm when it’s working.


A good compost is one of the best things in the garden. We are in the process of emptying our beds for winter and were inspired to spend Saturday building a spectacular compost bin. It has removable boards in the front for easy turning and removal of processed loam. It looks quite presentable tucked in under the pear tree (soon to be espaliered). I took great pleasure in delivering our juicing scraps to it this morning. Come next spring we hope to harvest a whole bundle of goodness from it.


Autumn is in the air, wind, rain and cooling temperatures. Last night saw me snuggled on the sofa under a quilt, thinking about apple crumble. Very telling. The beans and cucumbers have begun to turn yellow, the holly is growing berries and our lovely pumpkin has ripened beautifully. I have just planted out new spring onions and leeks in an attempt to keep the garden productive, but there is no doubt the change is upon us.