One night, two countries, three shows

Friday 29th May seemed like another ordinary working day, most of it was spent assessing undergraduate Illustration & Animation portfolios at the Cambridge School of Art. Life has been so busy lately there hasn’t been any time for reflection, so any current activity tends to erase those that have gone before. it was only when I was walking to the train, in the last of the evening sunshine, after the work was done and I’d enjoyed a gin and tonic at the Six Bells, it occurred to me that it was in fact a quietly momentous evening. I had three art works performing and screening across the world in one night. Andrée Greenwell’s Gothic performed in the Sydney Vivid Festival, Orbit No.1 screened at the Zeiss Planetarium FullDome Festival in Jena and Circa’s Carnival of the Animals performed at the Come Out Children’s Festival in Adelaide. And I was walking quietly home without any of the excitement of being there, but with a deeply satisfying sense of achievement.

gothic_08 Gothic performs at the Seymour Centre in Sydney.

orbit-no2 Still frame from fulldome animation Orbit No.2.

cota_16 Shark attack in Circa’s Carnival of the Animals.