Fulldome Research Group

In November 2014, Michaela led a project in immersive experience design for Masters students as part of the IED Exploded Screen Elective in the School of Communication at the RCA in London. The project was a collaboration with the astronomers at the Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich, UK. The project sought to traverse the divide between art and science through creative communication of complex scientific concepts whilst investigating innovative and artistic possibilities of immersive fulldome projection space through practice-based research.

The success of the initial project led to the establishment of an ongoing research group, the Fulldome Research Group (FDRG). FDRG continues to expand the knowledge, understanding and language of immersive projection spaces through creative practice and critical contextual inquiry. This collaboration between artists, designers and astronomers draws upon a broad cross-section of creative practices including fine art, film and immersive media, experience design, projection design, animation, architecture, graphic design, sound design, as well as astrophysics and astronomy.

The group produces innovative moving image content for fulldome environments which explores the relationships between light, space, image, sound and embodied experience within immersive projection spaces.

FDRG research outcomes are disseminated through public screenings, presentations and conferences. Further information about the research group can be found at fulldome.rca.ac.uk