L’Observatoire Bizarre

On a cold night in December 2017, the L’Observatoire Bizarre, an extraordinary temporal institute of surrealist research, was made manifest by invitation of Rrose Selavy’s Spectacular Dada Extravaganza at the Royal Academy, London.

The L’Observatoire Bizarre unfolded through investigative studies undertaken in the Bureau of Optics & Illusion, Bureau de Chance, Bureau de Erotique, and the Office of the 4th Dimension. Researchers probed deeply into the mysteries of art, mind and the cosmos.

A collaboration between RCAIED Space Program MA students and the UCL Cosmoparticle Initiative featuring Dr Andrew Pontzen and his team of astrophysicists in a site-specific installation and performance exploring the unfathomable complexity of life, death, space and the universal dadaist approach to rolling oranges.

Space Program Tutors: Michaela French and Dr Helga Schmid, Photo Credits: Max Miechowski (RA) and Kelly Spanou.