Dark Matter

Dark Matter is an ongoing artistic exploration of the interaction between light & dark and structure & emptiness across both microscopic, human and universal scales. The works draw on ideas from contemporary physics, but adopt an ecological approach, applying a framework of interrelation, reciprocity, and non-separability to explore embodied experiences of time, space and light.

Knitting is the primary means of expression in this exploration. Being derived from algorithms: sets of rules which determine how structures, actions, and patterns emerge and interrelate, knitting serves to bridge the perceived divide between artistic practice and scientific thinking.

In physics, Einstein was the first to understand that space and time themselves are shaped by such a set of rules. In these algorithmic artworks the repetition of rules and actions shapes the larger structure. Each stitch of light is a presence. The empty space between the stitches is an absence that we know as darkness.

The first Dark Matter installation was developed for the collaborative art/science exhibition If a Tree Falls in the Forest which took place in Grizedale Forest in 2018.