A Good Year

2014 was a good year. It began in Berlin…travelled via Hoddesdon, London, Cambridge, Lille, Brisbane, Canberra, Reidsdale, Sydney, Whitstable, Margate and Seville. For a while the circus ran away with me, but I came home to grow quinces, renovate my garden and enjoy a glorious English summer.
I experienced a mystical moment with Joe Brown and ‘Passing the Buck’ at Margate Retro, saw beautiful art and spent time with the people who make my life great. September saw me embark upon a PhD in Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art, London and begin playing with the Snail’s Progress Gamelan Orchestra. What adventures!

The fun looks set to continue in 2015 with new light mapping projects, exhibitions and collaborations in theatre and architectural spaces. Stay tuned…


I heard on the radio this morning that it is two months since the earthquake hit Japan, time seems to be flying by at the moment. I have spent an hour this afternoon collating daily portraits. Here are the next 24. It is pleasing to take stock, think about where I have been during those passing days and acknowledge all that has happened. Each image acts as a reminder of a particular day or series of events, evidence of those passing moments that add together to make a life.


Self portraits 73-96
Another twenty-four days, another twenty-four portraits. We are currently up to the 104th day of 2011 and I haven’t yet missed a picture. The longer the project goes the more embedded it gets in my daily process. My enthusiasm for the project has also recently been boosted by my lovely friend and photographer Sue Venables who wants to include my 365 Project in a book she is writing called 99 Photo Projects. I am delighted to be included.

49 – 72

day 49 to day 72, self portraits by Michaela French for the 365 days project
Another set of 24 pictures and we are now up to day 80, my, how time flies. I have had my head down working hard in the last 10 days, so my daily portrait has been providing some light relief. I am looking forward to a few pictures in slightly more exotic locations. There is a short break to Wales coming up and a croquet tournament to attend shortly, so life is not without adventure. I will aim to have this reflected a little more in my next set.

25 – 48

Self protraits number 25 to 48 for the 365 Days project
Another 24 days have passed since my last 365 Days project post and here are my next 24 self portraits. This week I have started using the Project 365 iPhone app to help me track my process. it is working very nicely. I can imagine that the project might just carry on, it would be amazing to continue until I’m 70 or 90, slowly seeing the changes roll in. I am thinking about that….

365 Days

series of self portraits by michaela french, one for each day of the year
A newly functional website, it is sleek and running like a well-oiled machine. And many new projects to share, the first being 365 Days, a series of photographic self-portraits. Begun on Jan 1st and to continue until the end of the year. There are three of us embarked, but only time will tell who will finish. Here are the first 24 days of pictures.