The Observer Effect


The Observer Effect exhibition was the culmination of a collaborative research project with artist Johanna Bolton. The exhibition explored the process of observation as artistic investigation and was informed by the quantum theory of the same name, which proposes that simply through the process of observing, an observer alters the thing they are looking at. Detailed investigations into everyday objects, forms and occurrences revealed their underlying complexity and depth and suggested that the observer is equally altered through the act of observation.

observer_10 A specimen drawer from the Collection from the Museum of Light displays archived light samples.

observer_02 A visitor observes the 365 observations of light from A Year of Light, a project undertaken for the International Year of Light 2015

The exhibition included works from Michaela’s recent Daylight Observations project, in which changes in the luminance, intensity and colour of daylight are recorded from selected locations over a specified duration.

The 365 observations of light, 365 images for Michaela’s recent project A Year of Light. An image/observation of light was posted each day on Twitter throughout 2015 for the International Year of Light.

Detail of the images from the A Year of Light project.

Daylight Observations No.1 (Summer, July 2015) and No.2 (Winter, December 2015).

Detail from Daylight Observation No.1 (Summer, July 2015).

The Motion of Matter


The Motion of Matter was a collaborative research project and exhibition with artist Johanna Bolton based upon Aristotle’s description of motion ‘as the passage of matter into form’. Aristotle postulated that no observation of the physical world could ignore the principles of motion, which he classified into four categories:

“motion which affects the substance of a thing
motion which brings about changes in quality
motion which brings about changes in quantity
motion which brings about locomotion”


Through structured and intimate observations, the Motion of Matter investigated the multitude of ways motion changes our interpretations of and interactions with the material world. Based upon the durational daylight observations begun during the residency at the Old Lookout Gallery in July 2015, Michaela’s work in this exhibition explored the interaction between light and motion. Her process of observing changes in light from a single location across a day became equally focused upon the experience of stillness as it did about the motion of the orbiting earth.


The exhibition included Projection Boxes and Light Specimen Drawers from the Collection of the Museum of Light as well as Michaela’s durational Daylight Observation prints. Johanna’s works included two and three dimensional sculptural objects, moving image and photographic prints.



Photographs by Dominic Tschudin.

9 Things That Happened Last Month

1. Visited the Leonardo da Vinci Anatomist Exhibition at the Queens Gallery, London.

2. Submitted a PhD Research proposal and have been invited to interview.

3. Vividly imagined Birnam Wood advancing during an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

4. Leant against the stones on Solstice morning at Stonehenge.

5. Drank the first cup of tea from the tiny wood stove in my garden studio.

6. Made 11 bottles of elderflower cordial.

7. Saw my friend Yaron’s company Circa perform in Norwich Cathedral at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

8. Bought two boulders for the garden.

9. Sent the first blog post from my now networked studio.


Long Blue Evening

F&G have successfully delivered our commissioned print. “Long Blue Evening” was beautifully mounted in a white box frame. The slightly soft texture of the paper brought a warmth and intensity to the colour. We helped hang the image in its new home and everyone involved was very pleased with the outcome. It was beautiful to see the image expanded to this size. All of the designs in the French & Godbold card collection can be reproduced as large prints on request. Please get in touch if you are looking for a lovely new piece of art to adorn your walls.

Print Progress….

Michaela spent the afternoon at the printers today and after some discussion, a test strip and an hour in the sunshine our French & Godbold commission print is complete. The image has been printed onto Hahnemuhle German Etching paper, a beautifully soft 310gsm stock, slightly textured with a velvet finish. The final print is very satisfying, with intense deep colour and a soft warmth. What a pleasure to be making prints again, I had pleasing flash-backs to days in the etching studio at Art School. The print is now queued for framing so more updates soon….

From Little Things…

We are excited at French & Godbold because today we have been commissioned to re-version the image from one of our very early prototype greetings cards into a large format print. After some discussion it has been decided the image will be re-created at 841mm x 1189mm (A0) and mounted in a white box frame. It will look amazing at such a big scale and it is always very pleasing to know one’s images are appreciated enough that someone wants to live with them. We will post more pictures as the process unfolds…