This week in the process of writing lectures I have rediscovered two favourite things. The first is Otto Runge’s Farbenkugel (colour sphere, see above) and the second is Alexander Calder’s circus, courtesy of the ever delightful It is so great to revisit these things that have inspired me before. There is a simplicity to both of them which I find just lovely.


I recently went to an exhibition of the work of Sebastian Romo, what a delight it was and filled with a certain level of familiarity. His work included collages of unfolded boxes, a series of mutoscopes, collections of coloured squares and cut-out paper structures. It was rather like walking into a gallery of my own imagined and completed projects and a testament to how great it is to realise one’s mad schemes.


I am cleaning my studio in preparation for new works. I enjoy the sense of anticipation in the tidying process, procrastination also comes to mind but the cleaning is like putting brackets around what has gone before. Its pleasing to make a new start.