A Good Year

2014 was a good year. It began in Berlin…travelled via Hoddesdon, London, Cambridge, Lille, Brisbane, Canberra, Reidsdale, Sydney, Whitstable, Margate and Seville. For a while the circus ran away with me, but I came home to grow quinces, renovate my garden and enjoy a glorious English summer.
I experienced a mystical moment with Joe Brown and ‘Passing the Buck’ at Margate Retro, saw beautiful art and spent time with the people who make my life great. September saw me embark upon a PhD in Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art, London and begin playing with the Snail’s Progress Gamelan Orchestra. What adventures!

The fun looks set to continue in 2015 with new light mapping projects, exhibitions and collaborations in theatre and architectural spaces. Stay tuned…

Spring Clean

I am a predictable creature, every April the desire for spring cleaning begins and by the third week a juice cleanse begins. No exceptions this year, the green juice detox began yesterday, three days of juicing and minimal eating, I am allowed oat-bran porridge with dates and rice milk and a soup with a home-made veggie stock base. Day Two is always the hardest, I am tired and lethargic today but looking forward to being bright and energetic in a few days time. All the leafy greens are collected fresh from our garden, there is dandelion leaf, sorrel, land cress and two types of kale. They make a very intensive green-ness and both my liver and spleen are very happy about it.

Lemon Yellow

Yellow is light with a wavelength of 570–580 nanometres. The colour lemon yellow is situated between 570 and 575 nm at the cooler end of the frequency range. Lemon yellow is naturally associated with its namesake, the citrus fruit, but was not developed as a commercial pigment until the early 1830s. Lemon yellow is cool, sharp and refreshing, it is an exciting and energetic colour which will rarely sit quietly.

Red and Green


There are little pockets of colour I have been noticing around the house on this rather grey day. We are having fun this morning looking at sample oak flooring, imagining how lovely our flat could look if it were tidied up with some paint and a lovely new floor. It will be a project for May, as we are off to the southern hemisphere for a month in two weeks time. In the meantime here is a collection of reds and another of greens.


This week I have been playing with the idea of extraction, specifically in relation to image making. It comes, in part, from having discovered the Pantone iPhone application which converts images into a 5-part colour scheme. I have been doing similar work manually with paint, but it is a pleasure to have a instant and hand-held version of the same. Mostly, I enjoy the extractions more than the image [the image above is a photograph of a tiny sake cup which lives on the kitchen windowsill].