10 Signs of Spring

Evidence of Spring - magnolia in bloom and Michaela French's compost pile
A list of evidence suggesting that spring is truly and finally in the air in Hertfordshire, I feel much cause for celebration:

1. The magnolia tree across the road is in full bloom
2. I have dug the compost pile and spread its bounty over our vegetable beds
3. The plum tree is blooming after a somewhat brutal winter pruning.
4. The daffodils are everywhere.
5. Our peony has bravely shot up two new, very bold shoots.
6. Our pond is alive is with the annual frog breeding extravaganza.
7. My hair and fingernails are growing fast.
8. I wore shorts and a singlet in the garden all day on Friday.
9. The sun is shinning and the air is warm(ish).
10. It is 6.15pm and it is still broad daylight outside.


A good compost is one of the best things in the garden. We are in the process of emptying our beds for winter and were inspired to spend Saturday building a spectacular compost bin. It has removable boards in the front for easy turning and removal of processed loam. It looks quite presentable tucked in under the pear tree (soon to be espaliered). I took great pleasure in delivering our juicing scraps to it this morning. Come next spring we hope to harvest a whole bundle of goodness from it.