Sitting and Knitting

Hand-knitted neck snug for sister Louise's birthday
My days have been busy in the last three weeks. A mountain of assessment and preparation for a new semester have dominated my world.  A striking contrast to the silent and gentle beginning of my year. However, I have maintained throughout it, an hour of sitting and meditation in the morning followed by an hour of knitting in the evening. I am loving making time for myself and I certainly feel more able to face the challenges each day presents. In addition, I can only hope my loved ones are delighted to be receiving the products of my endeavours. The lace-knit neck snug above goes out to my sister Louise for her birthday. Happy Birthday Lula….


I am delighted this week by the arrival of my new digital camera. Its a beautiful thing and I am having a lovely time with it hanging around my neck. I am snapping enthusiastically as I move through my days. There are so many lovely things to see. And the new camera makes the process of observation all the more enjoyable. I am looking forward to spending summer improving my technique.

100,000 Things in the Lounge Room

Suzy Almond, singer songwriter, launches the Lounge Room Tour.
Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the first gig on the current Suzy Almond tour schedule (thanks Clare & Jenny). The Lounge Room Tour is a low-key small format tour occurring in sitting rooms throughout Greater London. It was a delightful evening in a cosy Sydenham flat, with an intimate audience of 12 and Suzy’s alternative pop folk to keep us entertained. The evening culminated with a rousing sing-a-long which saw the crowd belting out a few old favourites such as Blue Moon and American Pie. We all left with happy hearts. Inspired by the sound of Suzy’s beautiful guitar, I have at long last re-tuned my cello.


A detail from illustrated greeting card Bird's Eye View by French & Godbold
So much happening this week, French & Godbold is officially launched and our greetings cards have already begun shipping. We are excited, it feels like a delightful adventure. I am also assisting in film selection for the University of Hertfordshire Digital Animation Film Day on 23rd May. Still taking daily portraits but no chance to upload this week. I did manage a hour of weeding yesterday in my slightly disheveled vegetables beds. Sometimes life is fun when its busy with many things.


Yesterday my friend said to me, “you can’t live your life like you are in a waiting room”. It was a welcome reminder. Today I made my own yoghurt raspberry pudding, bought a new fish for the pond, planted zinnia’s, weeded the vegetable patch, spoke with my sister, sprouted alfalfa, received an email from an old friend, drank home-made elderflower cordial, watched football, enjoyed sunshine, spread compost, planted beetroots, hugged my husband, felt generally very lucky and decided I must make better documentation. It has been a good day.


I have just returned home from the most glorious weekend camping and swimming in Dorset. The sky was blue, the sun was shinning, the air was warm and the sea was clear, cold and beautiful. I am sun-drenched and lovely this evening. This is how I remember summer should feel. So good.