Back to Basics

I am working on a project this month in a local high school, helping their film club to complete their first animation projects. I spent yesterday setting up the process and was reminded once again of the sheer joy of animation. As we tested production pathways we did the most simple of animations a twirling pencil, a paper cut out, and some hand painted frames. So very simple and so very satisfying. I am looking forward to working with the students next week.


What a perfect Sunday it has been, friends came for lunch, we roasted vegetables, stuffed pumpkins, and slow cooked leeks with cream and seeded mustard. For dessert I baked yet another upside-down cake with pears from our tree. Delightful. After lunch there was sewing and a garden tour in the autumn sunshine. I am looking forward to another busy week of lecturing.

Camino de Santiago

On July 19 2009 Richard and I arrived in Santiago having walked 254 kms to complete our Camino de Santiago. What an extraordinary journey it has been and what delightful people I have met along the way. People who have inspired me to be better in the world by demonstrating high levels of humility, determination and generosity. Walking is a wonderful way to spend time, it provides room for thinking and expansion whilst moving with purpose, what could be better? Except perhaps the siesta after a day of hard walking. Thanks to Roland, Laurie, Darren, Joy, the French family, the senora who gave us juice for breakfast and all the others we met along the path. A beautiful adventure.


This afternoon my beautiful German 1930’s railway clock has been returned to me, with new glass and an overhauled mechanism. I bought it somewhere in the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia with Helen Carter, we were supposed to be traveling to Uluru, but the car had broken down and we were browsing whilst waiting for repairs.

Today, when we hung the clock by the door in the lounge it wouldn’t run, so we moved it to the wall by the window and it is now ticking contentedly, filling the room with a warm and familiar beat. We all work more contentedly when we find our place, I have certainly been feeling that way of late.