Beautiful Mornings

The reality of running away with the circus means many long hours animating in my studio. But since the clocks changed to summer-time I have been walking along the River Lee at 6am after leaving Richard at the train station. It is exquisite. The mornings are quiet and still and beautiful. Every day the world unfolds in slightly different ways. The swan swimming down river with its wings extended like an ice sculpture, mother duck with her brood of 15 tiny fluff-ball babies, the heron flying low and purposeful, the muntjac grazing unconcerned at the water’s edge, the conjunction of the rising sun and the setting moon, the hammering of a woodpecker and in the last two days, the first cuckoo of spring calling out to celebrate the morning. Perfection.

School Trip

Last week I attended the FMX Animation and Effects Festival in Stuttgart Germany. I had a surprisingly exciting and inspiring week in the very good company of Matt and Sol from Rewind FX and 30 University of Hertfordshire Digital Animation students. Despite a 14 hour overnight coach ride, which included late night tours of a number of surreal Luxembourg truck stops, the trip was great, there was sunshine, temperatures of 32 degrees, discussions about immersive cinema, screenings of Hollywood blockbusters, late night dancing, cocktails and beer, demonstrations of new technologies, experimental transmedia art by Max Hattler and the crazy adventurers from Movie Sandbox and great conversations about creative process. I came home feeling suitably re-charged. Very pleasing.


Yesterday my friend said to me, “you can’t live your life like you are in a waiting room”. It was a welcome reminder. Today I made my own yoghurt raspberry pudding, bought a new fish for the pond, planted zinnia’s, weeded the vegetable patch, spoke with my sister, sprouted alfalfa, received an email from an old friend, drank home-made elderflower cordial, watched football, enjoyed sunshine, spread compost, planted beetroots, hugged my husband, felt generally very lucky and decided I must make better documentation. It has been a good day.



At last it seems the spring might really be here. We have our first iris blooming and the sun is shining warmly, we even ate our lunch in the garden this afternoon. To me it feels like it has been a long long winter and this brightness is surely welcome. It feels like its time to get a haircut, start planting and begin being a sociable creature once more. Here’s to a beautiful season.


Resistors are featuring in my world this week. I have been buying them for my electronic experiments and I find them extremely pleasing in both function and form. My chiropractor (Network Spinal Analysis) also used them as an example today, apparently I was running too much current, time to reduce the flow just a little.

Camino de Santiago

On July 19 2009 Richard and I arrived in Santiago having walked 254 kms to complete our Camino de Santiago. What an extraordinary journey it has been and what delightful people I have met along the way. People who have inspired me to be better in the world by demonstrating high levels of humility, determination and generosity. Walking is a wonderful way to spend time, it provides room for thinking and expansion whilst moving with purpose, what could be better? Except perhaps the siesta after a day of hard walking. Thanks to Roland, Laurie, Darren, Joy, the French family, the senora who gave us juice for breakfast and all the others we met along the path. A beautiful adventure.