Kettle’s Yard


Self-portrait with pears at Kettle’s Yard house, Cambridge. It always a pleasure to visit this wonderful house. The light, the rooms, the spaces, the relaxed collection of images are received as intended…”Kettle’s Yard is a place where visitors would ‘find a home and a welcome, a refuge of peace and order, of the visual arts and of music.’ It is a favourite place to spend an afternoon.


I have spent today teaching an anatomy drawing class which included careful observations of a human skeleton. It is amazing to spend an entire day just looking at how all the parts go together. What a fantastic structure it is. And a lovely feeling at the end of the day when walking to the car one has a renewed sense of one’s own bones stepping out.


It is possible to have fondness for a fish. This is the last recorded image of yum-yum_01. The yum-yums survived a winter in their near frozen fish bowl with such tenacity and enthusiasm they became an inspiration. In spring time they relocated to the big pond at the end of the garden, where they enjoyed lazy days basking in relative warmth with their fishy friends. A month ago they disappeared. A suspected heron attack, but no way to be sure. We miss their bright jolliness and appreciated their company for the time we had it.