Heading South

Flights are booked for a six week adventure in the big southern land. Arriving early June and staying until mid-July. I can hardly wait to soak up the space, the air and the sky. You can take a girl out of the country but you certainly can’t take the country out of the girl.

I begin in Sydney, presenting a research paper about maps, time, global cycles and technology at the ISEA 2013 conference with my  friend and PhD supervisor Alison Gazzard.

The rest of my time will be spent catching up with the people I love and miss. Sure, it will be another round of winter, but so worth it…

9 Things That Happened Last Month

1. Visited the Leonardo da Vinci Anatomist Exhibition at the Queens Gallery, London.

2. Submitted a PhD Research proposal and have been invited to interview.

3. Vividly imagined Birnam Wood advancing during an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

4. Leant against the stones on Solstice morning at Stonehenge.

5. Drank the first cup of tea from the tiny wood stove in my garden studio.

6. Made 11 bottles of elderflower cordial.

7. Saw my friend Yaron’s company Circa perform in Norwich Cathedral at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

8. Bought two boulders for the garden.

9. Sent the first blog post from my now networked studio.



A croquet match on the lawn on a sunny Sunday afternoon
On the afternoon of Sunday May 1st 2011, Victor and Sarah Crew hosted the first annual Folks & Crows Croquet Tournament at their house in Essex. The guests wore white, many a cravat was spotted, the lawn was mowed and the bar well-stocked beside it. Play began about 3.00pm and after a number of friendly encounters high tea was served. Play resumed after tea and the Wood family swung their mallets to victory, taking home the trophy after the formalities were complete. Congratulations to the winners and to Sarah and Victor for such a delightful afternoon. We will be practicing our croquet strategy and technique in preparation for next year’s competition.

Cards for Clare

new business card designs for clare french
A set of six new business cards designed by me, for my lovely sister Clare. She provided the photographic images and I did the layout. A perfect team effort. They ship off to the printer for proofing tomorrow. Its always an exciting moment, the transition from digital to physical, and opening the box to see what you’ve actually made. Another project nearly ready to tick off my list.


A weekend spent in Wales by the Menai Strait. A beautiful stretch of coast, mountains on one side, the Isle of Anglesey on the other. A friend has bought a house inside the medieval walls of Caenarfon, the perfect place to settle down for winter.


What a perfect Sunday it has been, friends came for lunch, we roasted vegetables, stuffed pumpkins, and slow cooked leeks with cream and seeded mustard. For dessert I baked yet another upside-down cake with pears from our tree. Delightful. After lunch there was sewing and a garden tour in the autumn sunshine. I am looking forward to another busy week of lecturing.


What a joy it is to have friends who believe in you. I had a great conversation with a friend today about a project idea of mine, which is very beautiful but verging on mad impossibility. But, if it could work it would be an extraordinary achievement and an excellent excuse to work together. Sometimes you need the enthusiasm of someone else to remind yourself just how great you could be.