English Summer

Today is the last official day of summer holidays and what a lovely time I have had. The sun has been shining, the days have been warm and the evenings long. I have spent time with loved ones, danced the night away under the stars, eaten a crop of home grown berries, built a new wardrobe, enjoyed evenings in London and swung in the hammock. The new greenhouse is filled with beautiful green sprouts and cuttings, the garden make-over is completed, my shed is clean and tidy and ready for the next round of creative endeavours. Just as a summer ought to be…work starts in earnest next week.

Blooming geraniums in my new greenhouse.

Striking rosemary cuttings for a new mini-hedge in front of the shed.

The 2014 red current crop.

Richard relaxing.

Richard building the new raised vegetable bed from Australian jarrah sleepers (not so relaxing).

Standon Calling Festival, Hertfordshire.

A well deserved gin & tonic.

Chuck D and Flavor Flav hip hip hip at Standon Calling Festival.

Ron and Richard at Downham Market Cricket Club.

Ryoji Ikeda, Spectra, London.

Moths in the light, Ryoji Ikeda, Spectra, London.

Super Raspberry at Woody’s Cafe. Perfect.

New Studio

The last few weeks have been dedicated to an exciting new diy project in our garden. Richard and I have been renovating our garden shed to turn into an office and art studio. It was never just an average shed, in fact Richard built it as a garden room/studio, it’s about 4 x 3 metres with pleasing views of the garden. We have been using it for storage in the last couple of years, but things are changing and the shed has now been clad with wooden boards and painted with traditional Hertfordshire black barn paint. We installed a gutter and a water-butt just in time to collect all this beautiful rain. I am in the process of painting the inside (one coat to go) and we have also bought a tiny little multi-fuel stove so I can stay warm in there all year. The new flue is being manufactured and will hopefully be ready next week. I am excited and looking forward to moving in…


A good compost is one of the best things in the garden. We are in the process of emptying our beds for winter and were inspired to spend Saturday building a spectacular compost bin. It has removable boards in the front for easy turning and removal of processed loam. It looks quite presentable tucked in under the pear tree (soon to be espaliered). I took great pleasure in delivering our juicing scraps to it this morning. Come next spring we hope to harvest a whole bundle of goodness from it.