Retro Knitting Caddy

The past week has been a time for the arrival of new things in my world, new felted slippers (on order since December), a newly completed front tooth (2 years in the making or 20 depending on the version of events one chooses) and this beautiful little sewing caddy (recently shipped in from Germany). When I first encountered these retro sewing boxes on ebay it was love at first sight. I watched a few sell for outrageous prices and then managed to to get this very lovely one without going to auction. Opening its little drawers and deciding where my knitting tools should live is very pleasing and an evening of knitting on the sofa has taken on a whole new level of fun. A delightfully stylish and practical addition to our home.

Sitting and Knitting

Hand-knitted neck snug for sister Louise's birthday
My days have been busy in the last three weeks. A mountain of assessment and preparation for a new semester have dominated my world.  A striking contrast to the silent and gentle beginning of my year. However, I have maintained throughout it, an hour of sitting and meditation in the morning followed by an hour of knitting in the evening. I am loving making time for myself and I certainly feel more able to face the challenges each day presents. In addition, I can only hope my loved ones are delighted to be receiving the products of my endeavours. The lace-knit neck snug above goes out to my sister Louise for her birthday. Happy Birthday Lula….