Cards for Clare

new business card designs for clare french
A set of six new business cards designed by me, for my lovely sister Clare. She provided the photographic images and I did the layout. A perfect team effort. They ship off to the printer for proofing tomorrow. Its always an exciting moment, the transition from digital to physical, and opening the box to see what you’ve actually made. Another project nearly ready to tick off my list.

25 – 48

Self protraits number 25 to 48 for the 365 Days project
Another 24 days have passed since my last 365 Days project post and here are my next 24 self portraits. This week I have started using the Project 365 iPhone app to help me track my process. it is working very nicely. I can imagine that the project might just carry on, it would be amazing to continue until I’m 70 or 90, slowly seeing the changes roll in. I am thinking about that….

365 Days

series of self portraits by michaela french, one for each day of the year
A newly functional website, it is sleek and running like a well-oiled machine. And many new projects to share, the first being 365 Days, a series of photographic self-portraits. Begun on Jan 1st and to continue until the end of the year. There are three of us embarked, but only time will tell who will finish. Here are the first 24 days of pictures.

Happy New Year

So far my new year has been busy, filled with fun and work and not much blogging. My resolution was not to blog more but instead to “think less and act more”. To this end, I have been overhauling my website and online portfolio rather than writing about what I am doing. Its not quite finished yet, there are plans during the next month for a new Esty shop, a line of T-shirts and a lovely range of new paper-cuts. I have many hours of fun ahead. I love the new year, it is rather like clearing out your wardrobe and in the space, creating the possibility of newness. Such opportunity….



Next week I begin teaching a life drawing class about movement for animation. I am excited about it because the poses we generally draw from are completely static. It will be great to create action in the class and the drawings.

The Universal Drift

This weekend just gone saw my first gallery exhibition for some time. It took place at Gravelly Barn in Braughing, a group show of local artists with proceeds going to a number of cancer charities. It was a beautiful show and a pleasure to be involved. Photographs of the work produced can be seen on the gallery page. It feels like the beginning of a larger series, I am excited to see what happens next.