Picture of the Day

For a long time in my old studio I used to randomly select an image of the day from my collection of artists books. This served to inspire, delight and remind me of the scope of creative possibility. Today in my new studio in my garden I am very pleased to have re-instated image of the day on my favourite retro industrial mechanical drawing table. Today’s featured artist is German photographer Uta Barth, who uses depth of field and focus to explore visual perception and meaning. She makes beautiful, evocative and slightly lonely images.

I Like My Dentist….

A building and a crane, London afternoon
A trip into central London this morning for the last appointment of a long series of appointments dedicated to installing a new dental implant in my head. I know its not normal and probably not right but I have grown to like my dentist. He does lovely work, he plays great tunes for me from his ipod and apologises sincerely when he sticks the needle in. It would certainly be going to far to to say I’ll miss him but I couldn’t have hoped for a nicer fellow or a better outcome.

Whilst in London I also took photos, enjoyed treats from my favourite bakery, indulged in some delightful chocolate and purchased shitake mushrooms and kelp which are now brewing into a hearty stock for a noodle and vegetable soup. A welcome series of distractions from the ever-present mountain of assessment awaiting completion….back to it now….

Observing Ships and Tractors

The Observer's Book of Ships
Last Saturday saw me meandering through a field in rural Hertfordshire on a family outing to a vintage tractor fair. Despite some misgivings I have to admit I found myself enjoying the event, reminiscing about riding on old tractors around my cousins’ Australian dairy farm in the 1970’s, enjoying the familiar and comforting smell of old car interiors and browsing the bric-a-brac stalls for potential treasures. And then to my great excitement, I came across The Observer’s Book of Ships. What a delightful volume, filled with a bounty of facts and all the information and diagrams any ship observer could require. Further research has shown that this is just one of many Observer’s Books about all number of subjects; Pond Life, Ferns and Cricket to name a few…..

Cards for Clare

new business card designs for clare french
A set of six new business cards designed by me, for my lovely sister Clare. She provided the photographic images and I did the layout. A perfect team effort. They ship off to the printer for proofing tomorrow. Its always an exciting moment, the transition from digital to physical, and opening the box to see what you’ve actually made. Another project nearly ready to tick off my list.