A Good Year

2014 was a good year. It began in Berlin…travelled via Hoddesdon, London, Cambridge, Lille, Brisbane, Canberra, Reidsdale, Sydney, Whitstable, Margate and Seville. For a while the circus ran away with me, but I came home to grow quinces, renovate my garden and enjoy a glorious English summer.
I experienced a mystical moment with Joe Brown and ‘Passing the Buck’ at Margate Retro, saw beautiful art and spent time with the people who make my life great. September saw me embark upon a PhD in Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art, London and begin playing with the Snail’s Progress Gamelan Orchestra. What adventures!

The fun looks set to continue in 2015 with new light mapping projects, exhibitions and collaborations in theatre and architectural spaces. Stay tuned…

English Summer

Today is the last official day of summer holidays and what a lovely time I have had. The sun has been shining, the days have been warm and the evenings long. I have spent time with loved ones, danced the night away under the stars, eaten a crop of home grown berries, built a new wardrobe, enjoyed evenings in London and swung in the hammock. The new greenhouse is filled with beautiful green sprouts and cuttings, the garden make-over is completed, my shed is clean and tidy and ready for the next round of creative endeavours. Just as a summer ought to be…work starts in earnest next week.

Blooming geraniums in my new greenhouse.

Striking rosemary cuttings for a new mini-hedge in front of the shed.

The 2014 red current crop.

Richard relaxing.

Richard building the new raised vegetable bed from Australian jarrah sleepers (not so relaxing).

Standon Calling Festival, Hertfordshire.

A well deserved gin & tonic.

Chuck D and Flavor Flav hip hip hip at Standon Calling Festival.

Ron and Richard at Downham Market Cricket Club.

Ryoji Ikeda, Spectra, London.

Moths in the light, Ryoji Ikeda, Spectra, London.

Super Raspberry at Woody’s Cafe. Perfect.

Happy Christmas

Christmas festivities began properly today, Richard and I sat down for a mid-afternoon glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, the decorations are up and now there’s just feasting and frolicking for the next few days. I am also hoping to work my way through an ever-growing stack of books about wonder, light, the universe and other related subjects. A perfect way to spend the festive season.


Awoke this morning to a snowy message of love. Richard had drawn a love heart in the snow for me to see when I opened the blinds. What a treasure he is. It has now been covered with another 2 inches of the most beautiful puffy snow. We are snuggled down with the Chappee (our 1940’s enamel stove) for an afternoon of Christmas craft and wrapping.


Last night Richard and I went and lit lanterns in the field and watched them drift down the valley until we couldn’t see them any more. It was beautiful, a clear cold evening with very little breeze. A welcoming for the new season and a letting go of all that needed letting go of. We felt lucky and grateful to be there.


Earlier this week Richard and I found ourselves at a Charity Event which involved dressing up and reminiscing with Abba songs. It was rather like being transported back in time, almost fun, but slightly distasteful. And yet, in a moment of highlight Richard donned a large Afro wig and was reborn as a man of the ’70’s. It made the Mama Mia’s all worthwhile. We’re really diggin’ your style….


Autumn is in the air, wind, rain and cooling temperatures. Last night saw me snuggled on the sofa under a quilt, thinking about apple crumble. Very telling. The beans and cucumbers have begun to turn yellow, the holly is growing berries and our lovely pumpkin has ripened beautifully. I have just planted out new spring onions and leeks in an attempt to keep the garden productive, but there is no doubt the change is upon us.