Awoke this morning to a snowy message of love. Richard had drawn a love heart in the snow for me to see when I opened the blinds. What a treasure he is. It has now been covered with another 2 inches of the most beautiful puffy snow. We are snuggled down with the Chappee (our 1940’s enamel stove) for an afternoon of Christmas craft and wrapping.

Sussex Apples

A weekend apple fair in Sussex, a celebration of history, locale and abundance. Shown above, top left first, Mareda, Wadhurst Pippin, Mannington’s Pearmain, Sussex Mother, Edmund Jupp and Bossom. Also featured on the day [but not pictured] were Alfriston, Duck’s Bill, Golden Pippin, Knobbly Russet, Crawley Reinette and Tinsley Quince. My grandfather was an apple man, such a sight would have made him glad.


There is quite a focus on food and growing in our house at the moment. I have finished teaching for the moment and I have turned my attention to all things edible. My first undertaking of the season was to make my own elderflower cordial. Elderflower cordial is one of my favourite things and the flowers themselves are so beautiful. I collected the flowers from trees in my local park, steeped them with sugar, water and lemon for a few days and produced the most delightfully perfumed cordial. As always, homemade tastes much much better than shop bought; we are loving the brew.



I have just returned home from the most glorious weekend camping and swimming in Dorset. The sky was blue, the sun was shinning, the air was warm and the sea was clear, cold and beautiful. I am sun-drenched and lovely this evening. This is how I remember summer should feel. So good.


Last night Richard and I went and lit lanterns in the field and watched them drift down the valley until we couldn’t see them any more. It was beautiful, a clear cold evening with very little breeze. A welcoming for the new season and a letting go of all that needed letting go of. We felt lucky and grateful to be there.



At last it seems the spring might really be here. We have our first iris blooming and the sun is shining warmly, we even ate our lunch in the garden this afternoon. To me it feels like it has been a long long winter and this brightness is surely welcome. It feels like its time to get a haircut, start planting and begin being a sociable creature once more. Here’s to a beautiful season.