A Room of One’s Own

I have just spent the most lovely day in my garden studio. It’s grey and dreary outside but the little pipsqueak stove has valiantly kept the chill at bay. It has been my first day of dedicated PhD research. The starting point for my work is the experience of wonder as a point of intersection between art, science and consciousness and today I’ve been meandering through and mapping some of the possibilities. It is getting very large, very quickly but I am enjoying the sense of expansion it brings.

Thanks to my friend Catherine for this post’s title, stolen from her comment on my previous post about my studio.

9 Things That Happened Last Month

1. Visited the Leonardo da Vinci Anatomist Exhibition at the Queens Gallery, London.

2. Submitted a PhD Research proposal and have been invited to interview.

3. Vividly imagined Birnam Wood advancing during an outdoor performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

4. Leant against the stones on Solstice morning at Stonehenge.

5. Drank the first cup of tea from the tiny wood stove in my garden studio.

6. Made 11 bottles of elderflower cordial.

7. Saw my friend Yaron’s company Circa perform in Norwich Cathedral at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

8. Bought two boulders for the garden.

9. Sent the first blog post from my now networked studio.


New Studio

The last few weeks have been dedicated to an exciting new diy project in our garden. Richard and I have been renovating our garden shed to turn into an office and art studio. It was never just an average shed, in fact Richard built it as a garden room/studio, it’s about 4 x 3 metres with pleasing views of the garden. We have been using it for storage in the last couple of years, but things are changing and the shed has now been clad with wooden boards and painted with traditional Hertfordshire black barn paint. We installed a gutter and a water-butt just in time to collect all this beautiful rain. I am in the process of painting the inside (one coat to go) and we have also bought a tiny little multi-fuel stove so I can stay warm in there all year. The new flue is being manufactured and will hopefully be ready next week. I am excited and looking forward to moving in…

Kettle’s Yard


Self-portrait with pears at Kettle’s Yard house, Cambridge. It always a pleasure to visit this wonderful house. The light, the rooms, the spaces, the relaxed collection of images are received as intended…”Kettle’s Yard is a place where visitors would ‘find a home and a welcome, a refuge of peace and order, of the visual arts and of music.’ It is a favourite place to spend an afternoon.


I spent the weekend basking in the most glorious sunshine, and we joked at the time the that was the end of summer. In fact I think it was, this week is grey and autumnal, and I am head down preparing lectures for the coming semester. Tomorrow, I am running a life drawing workshop at Gravelly Barn, the first in a series of three, we are going back to basics, proportion, mark-making and structure. We will all need to get the creativity flowing once again after our long summer.


I am cleaning my studio in preparation for new works. I enjoy the sense of anticipation in the tidying process, procrastination also comes to mind but the cleaning is like putting brackets around what has gone before. Its pleasing to make a new start.