I have spent today teaching an anatomy drawing class which included careful observations of a human skeleton. It is amazing to spend an entire day just looking at how all the parts go together. What a fantastic structure it is. And a lovely feeling at the end of the day when walking to the car one has a renewed sense of one’s own bones stepping out.

Camino de Santiago

On July 19 2009 Richard and I arrived in Santiago having walked 254 kms to complete our Camino de Santiago. What an extraordinary journey it has been and what delightful people I have met along the way. People who have inspired me to be better in the world by demonstrating high levels of humility, determination and generosity. Walking is a wonderful way to spend time, it provides room for thinking and expansion whilst moving with purpose, what could be better? Except perhaps the siesta after a day of hard walking. Thanks to Roland, Laurie, Darren, Joy, the French family, the senora who gave us juice for breakfast and all the others we met along the path. A beautiful adventure.