Days in the Shed

January and February have mostly been spent working on projects in the shed with selected days out for lecturing and socialising. After the creative development with Circa in Berlin over new year, the Carnival of the Amazing Animals circus projection animation is underway. Circa will be performing Opus at the Barbican in London next week, so there will be a few days of discussion and rehearsal while they are here. I have been working on the Lil’ Red music video with Stephen Lenman from Skopje. It’s a bleak little tale but highly appropriate content for animating through the dark, wet winter…hoping to complete and launch at the end of February. My PhD research continues with the ongoing development of Two Places I Call Home and A Collected History of Light. Discussions are also underway with Alison Gazzard about our next co-authored paper investigating light, maps, time and rhythm.

A still from the Lil’ Red music video currently in production for Skopje.

Rain dripping from the eaves of the shed is a daily feature in my view of the garden.

Image of the day is randomly selected from my library. Today’s image is from photographer Uta Barth’s book ‘In Between Places’.

A rare sunny morning and a perfect place to sit. 

Heading South

Flights are booked for a six week adventure in the big southern land. Arriving early June and staying until mid-July. I can hardly wait to soak up the space, the air and the sky. You can take a girl out of the country but you certainly can’t take the country out of the girl.

I begin in Sydney, presenting a research paper about maps, time, global cycles and technology at the ISEA 2013 conference with my  friend and PhD supervisor Alison Gazzard.

The rest of my time will be spent catching up with the people I love and miss. Sure, it will be another round of winter, but so worth it…

Happy Christmas

Christmas festivities began properly today, Richard and I sat down for a mid-afternoon glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, the decorations are up and now there’s just feasting and frolicking for the next few days. I am also hoping to work my way through an ever-growing stack of books about wonder, light, the universe and other related subjects. A perfect way to spend the festive season.


Awoke this morning to a snowy message of love. Richard had drawn a love heart in the snow for me to see when I opened the blinds. What a treasure he is. It has now been covered with another 2 inches of the most beautiful puffy snow. We are snuggled down with the Chappee (our 1940’s enamel stove) for an afternoon of Christmas craft and wrapping.


A weekend spent in Wales by the Menai Strait. A beautiful stretch of coast, mountains on one side, the Isle of Anglesey on the other. A friend has bought a house inside the medieval walls of Caenarfon, the perfect place to settle down for winter.


There are times in the northern hemisphere’s winter, when I can absolutely understand the grumpiness of  bears as they wake up, having survived another round of grey coldness. Sometimes it looks so lovely but it doesn’t always feel so good.

Soft Furnishings


Over the festive season, I found myself at home surrounded by snow….not so terrible as my new sewing machine was delivered and I’ve spent some time improving our soft furnishings. Our sofa is now sporting a bold new tufted cushion look with new throw pillow and matching self-covered buttons.  Very stylish (I’d like to think) and what joy to have some home days.