After nearly eight months with my head buried in a large stack of books and three weeks of writing in the shed, today I have completed the second draft of my PhD proposal about wonder and light. I don’t I have a lot left to say, so I am handing over to Jerome A. Miller because he has summed up my experience perfectly.

“For in wondering about wonder, as in wonder itself, there is no closure. Indeed, the whole point is not to close the opening but to open it, to live in that openness, to be the unconditional questioner”.


A Room of One’s Own

I have just spent the most lovely day in my garden studio. It’s grey and dreary outside but the little pipsqueak stove has valiantly kept the chill at bay. It has been my first day of dedicated PhD research. The starting point for my work is the experience of wonder as a point of intersection between art, science and consciousness and today I’ve been meandering through and mapping some of the possibilities. It is getting very large, very quickly but I am enjoying the sense of expansion it brings.

Thanks to my friend Catherine for this post’s title, stolen from her comment on my previous post about my studio.