A Year of Light

The book A Year of Light is the final outcome of a year long project which Michaela undertook in response to the UNESCO the International Year of Light in 2015. Each day of the year Michaela posted an observation of light on her Twitter feed. Through the repetition of this small action, a larger cumulative artwork emerged and the project became a visual essay about the process of observation and the interactions between light and matter.

Each day, light framed matter such that it could be viewed differently. Often the image content was very ordinary, a view from a window, a patch of sunlight, a shadow or a reflection, but each of these observations revealed an insight into both the nature of light and the process and experience of seeing. Over the year light became the visual focus, taking priority over the materials or objects it illuminated. Whilst the interaction between light and matter is limited to only four basic interactions; transmission, emission, reflection and absorption, the visual possibilities of light appear infinite.

The final collection of 365 images (see below) are a small testament to these many possibilities.

A Year of Light was featured on the official International Year of Light Blog which published articles about the complexity and utility of light in the arts, sciences, technologies and medicine. The completed artwork was included in the exhibitions Catching the Light, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury and The Observer Effect, Hockney Gallery, RCA, London.