Michaela French is a UK based Australian artist, lecturer and researcher working with light and time-based media across a broad range of artistic and commercial contexts. Light serves as subject, medium, information and experience in her artistic practice which is grounded in an ecological systems-based approach. Michaela designs and produces innovative artworks and award-winning moving image experiences for screen, cinema, planetaria, 360° immersive media spaces, live performance, contemporary dance, museums and gallery exhibition. Her work integrates analogue filmmaking, animation, printmaking techniques and observational artistic practices with cutting-edge imaging technologies and digital production processes. Michaela’s artworks, narratives and immersive media experiences aim to inspire meaningful debate about the ecological imperatives that increasingly influence contemporary artistic and cultural discourse.

Michaela recently completed her PhD at the Royal College of Art, London. Her artistic research investigates the systemic interrelation between light, body, perceptual experience and environment through practice-based and theoretical enquiry. Drawing on the work of 20th century psychologist James J. Gibson, the ecological principles of reciprocal mutuality and co-perception are central to her practice-based enquiry. Michaela uses attentive observation and subjective immersive experience as the primary methods of investigation in her artistic exploration of the systemically entwined interrelation between light and perceiver.

Michaela is a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Arts University where she contributes to the BA (Hons) Animation Programme and a Visiting Lecturer on the MRes Communication Design Pathway, School of Communication, Royal College of Art, London. She is Creative Director and Lead Researcher of the Fulldome Research Group in partnership with Live Cinema UK and the Peter Harrison Planetarium, Royal Museums Greenwich.

Selected collaborators include:
Andrée Greenwell
Dr Andrew Pontzen
Chunky Move Dance Company
Dr Helga Schmid
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
LIFT Festival
Live Cinema UK
Lucy Guerin Dance Company
Melbourne Festival
Melbourne Museum
Melbourne Planetarium
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
NSC Creative
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Opera Australia
Peter Harrison Planetarium, Royal Museums Greenwich
Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships