A long-held fascination with light is the inspiration for Michaela’s artistic practice. Light is compelling in its capacity to be both universal and personal. Light as rationalised by science, is both particle and wave, it serves a reminder of the constancy of change and reflects the edge of human understanding.

Light as a subject invites observation, light as a medium invites immersion. Light as material results in an eclectic and highly collaborative creative practice, which moves across disciplines, genres and modes of thinking. Michaela’s artistic practice observes, mediates, and embodies light; extending from moving image design to sculptural light-based art works for gallery exhibition, from immersive fulldome installation to visual perception, and from projection design in live performance to the interaction of light, surface and substance.

Michaela incorporates analogue and digital production techniques in her creative process, and has extensive experience designing, creating and delivering art works and installations for exhibition, performance and public events.

Michaela is a PhD candidate and Visiting Tutor in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art, London, where she leads the RCA Fulldome Research Group and contributes to the MA Moving Image Design Pathway.

Selected collaborators include:
Dr Adrian Lahoud
Andrée Greenwell
Dr Andrew Pontzen
Chunky Move Dance Company
Dr Helga Schmid
LIFT Festival
Lucy Guerin Dance Company
Melbourne Festival
Melbourne Museum
Melbourne Planetarium
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
NSC Creative
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Opera Australia
Peter Harrison Planetarium, Royal Museums Greenwich
RCA Fulldome Research Group
Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships