Communicating the Intangible

Communicating the Intangible showcased cutting-edge research in a group exhibition featuring emerging art & design researchers from the School of Communication at Royal College of Art, London. The show’s title plays on the idea of the often intangible nature of research and ways in which this might be made evident through documentation and the display of ‘works in progress’. At the same time, the featured artists and designers offered a variety of insights into the ways in which ‘intangible media’ such as time, light, smell, emotion, sensory aesthetics, and digital systems, are explored through the lens of communication design research. The exhibition included the first seven images of the Orbit Series which emerged from Michaela’s durational observation practice-based research methods.

A programme of film screenings, workshops and talks accompanied the exhibition which took place across the Royal College of Art as part of London Design Week from 17 – 24 September 2016.