Catching the Light

Catching the Light explored artists’ fascination with light in a group exhibition at the Sidney Cooper Gallery. This exhibition set out to survey light as medium in the practice of ten contemporary artists, employing a range of media from video based work, to pinhole photography, sculpture and camera obscura. Each of the artworks explored the ways in which light is used as a material to preserve the essence of place, time and experience, evoking feelings such as nostalgia, wonder and otherness.

The exhibition featured Michaela’s Collection from the Museum of Light, A Year of Light and Orbit Series all of which capture the complex interactions between light and matter through precisely recorded light samples. In dialogue with these works were Emma Weislander’s work Black Mirror, Nigel Breadman’s Pinhole Photography, Sophy Rickett’s photographic series Observations, Melanie King’s Hubble Polaroids, artists Marja Pirilä and Petri Nuutinen’s Camera Obscura Buckets and Sam Vale’s pinhole camera images Loop: The stupid things that adults do. 

Catching the Light was co-curated with Hazel Stone and Sam Vale and was shown at the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury UK from 26 July – 27 August 2016.

The RCA Fulldome Research Group were Artist in Residence throughout the exhibition as part of the Gallery’s commitment to supporting the development of practice-based research and learning through the arts.