KRAN Light Workshops

In August 2016, Michaela worked with students from the RCA Fulldome Research Group to lead a series of workshops for young unaccompanied asylum seekers supported by the Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN). The workshops ran alongside the Catching the Light exhibition at the Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury, UK over a four week period.

For many of the young people it was their first encounter with an art gallery and certainly the first time any of them had experienced an immersive fulldome projection space. Each workshop focused on different approaches to understanding, observing and mediating light. From pinhole cameras to light painting and digital animation, the participants used a range of creative techniques for capturing light to produce a series of short films for the FDRG fulldome projection space.

The workshops gave the young people an opportunity to develop creative skills and confidence, whilst creating a portfolio of artworks for further advanced study.