Orbit No.2 – 21st January 2016
Location: Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, UK
Sunrise: 07:54 Sunset: 16:29

The correspondence between light and body is at the centre of Michaela’s practice-based PhD artistic research investigation. Light serves as both the subject matter and the medium in her enquiry, which seeks to elucidate the ecological relationships inherent in the artistic observation of light.

Adopting a theoretical foundation in James J. Gibson’s ecological approach to visual perception, Michaela’s investigation employs durational observation and reflective artistic practice as research methods to cultivate an ecological understanding through a direct perceptual exploration of the interrelation between light, the body and the environment.

Drawing on Gibsonian principles of reciprocity, non-separability and attunement, Michaela’s PhD enquiry defines an ecological research methodology for art and design, which facilitates practice-based artistic research. This emergent methodology is observer-centric, exploratory and rigorous. It seeks to balance direct experience with theoretical abstraction, and generates new knowledge through attentive ecological observation. Taking an ecological approach the investigation moves across and beyond cross/inter/trans and post-disciplinary divisions and debates to develop a mode of enquiry which is transferrable, permeable, and intentionally vulnerable to future experiments.

Michaela is a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art, London. Her research contributes to ecological scholarship in the emerging field of Information Experience Design.

A list of recent publications and presentations is available here

The following artworks and projects contribute to Michaela’s PhD enquiry:  A Year of Light, Orbit Series, Museum of Light and The Observer Effect.