It was reiterated recently on a program discussing modern art, that the importance of observational drawing has underestimated in art training in recent years. I felt pleased to be involved with two institutions who are correcting the balance. I currently spend 9 hours a week teaching students to draw, sculpt and paint from life and another 3 doing my own drawing. It is a satisfying way to spend my time.

One thought on “Drawing

  1. The pleasure of observational drawing, (with the frustrations of ego removed!) can’t be overestimated. I am ‘teaching’ Allegra to draw at the moment, and we have noticed that even the most humble object reveals its beauty in curves and lines which subtly intersect at angles peculiar only to that object… We were at a David Hockney retrospective a few years back, and may of his sketchbooks were open at pages revealing wonky honest scribblings, the ones that most people would judge as ‘bad’ and never show anyone. Yet displayed among his highly-finished paintings, (which I had always found a bit lifeless), was this lifetime of observations of his friends and family, teeming with energy and love. The pictures of his mother were especially moving. His paintings came alive for me after that.

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