This week I have been playing with the idea of extraction, specifically in relation to image making. It comes, in part, from having discovered the Pantone iPhone application which converts images into a 5-part colour scheme. I have been doing similar work manually with paint, but it is a pleasure to have a instant and hand-held version of the same. Mostly, I enjoy the extractions more than the image [the image above is a photograph of a tiny sake cup which lives on the kitchen windowsill].

One thought on “Extraction

  1. Hey Michaela,
    its your second cousin here, maddie, jims daughter. We went and saw structures and sadness last night and thought it was fantastic! We really enjoyed it.
    We are just wondering where you are at the moment and what you are doing? I was in London from March 08-jan 09 and tried to find how to contact you but couldn’t.
    Let us know how you are

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