I Like My Dentist….

A building and a crane, London afternoon
A trip into central London this morning for the last appointment of a long series of appointments dedicated to installing a new dental implant in my head. I know its not normal and probably not right but I have grown to like my dentist. He does lovely work, he plays great tunes for me from his ipod and apologises sincerely when he sticks the needle in. It would certainly be going to far to to say I’ll miss him but I couldn’t have hoped for a nicer fellow or a better outcome.

Whilst in London I also took photos, enjoyed treats from my favourite bakery, indulged in some delightful chocolate and purchased shitake mushrooms and kelp which are now brewing into a hearty stock for a noodle and vegetable soup. A welcome series of distractions from the ever-present mountain of assessment awaiting completion….back to it now….